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Half term plans? Register for your children’s oral health checks.

Half term plans? Register for your children’s oral health checks.

Add a visit to the dentist to your half-term plans. All a parent or guardian needs to do is call the practice to make an NHS dental appointment for children. At Springside, we’re holding a Children’s Day on 30th October 2018. Invest time now in your children’s oral health so they’ll have great teeth for life.

Prevention is better than cure.

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  Children’s Day on 30 October 2018.                   Book an appointment today.

We want every child to have a healthy mouth. Children deserve to have great teeth for life.

While the NHS is campaigning for babies to be taken to the dentist and registered before turning a year old, it’s a sad fact that too many children don’t attend the dentist regularly. The media has released shocking statistics about the number of children suffering from severe dental decay.

Too often children are only taken to the dentist when there’s a problem or an accident. It’s important to get children used to visiting the dentist before there’s an emergency.

Springside focuses on teaching good dental habits and preventive care. Therefore we’re welcoming new registrations for babies, children and teens.

How will we help children’s oral health?

We encourage parents or guardians to contact us to register children for appointments as new NHS patients.

We actively promote children’s dental health by organising special Children’s Days.

On 30 October 2018, we are hosting a children’s day. We are prioritising appointments for children on these days by adding additional surgery hours specifically for children.

On Children’s Days we focus on children, so they can feel more relaxed and comfortable in the surgery.

Children’s Days held every school holiday and half-term break allow children to visit the dentist without missing school.

How can we help you?

  • We are currently registering babies and children under 18 as new NHS patients. Please call us to make an appointment: 01460 61671 .

At Springside, we want our youngsters to have healthy mouths and great teeth for life!

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