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Find out if dental implants are right for you at our next Implant Discovery Event on 27th October

Find out if dental implants are right for you at our next Implant Discovery Event on 27th October

Our next Implant Discovery event is set to take place at the Monks Yard, Ilminster on Saturday, 27th October from 10am. Join us at this event for a FREE initial consultation regarding opting for a life-changing dental implant.

Dr James Main has extensive experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry. He has been treating implant patients for more than 12 years and has placed over 900 implants. In straightforward cases, the final stage of the treatment can be completed by the patient’s own general practitioner (subject to appropriate indemnity).

Here at the Chard site, we provide high quality private patient care including:

–  Implants to replace missing teeth
–  Teeth whitening and cosmetic treatments
–  Natural-coloured fillings to replace metal ones
–  Crowns, bridges and veneers
–  Oral health and hygiene service
–  Four-year guarantee on recommended treatments

Here’s what one of James’ patients has to say:

When Stuart McDonough accidentally damaged an upper front tooth, he had no idea it would leave him with long-term problems. He developed an abscess as a result and eventually had to have root canal treatment.

Stuart explains, “My dentist placed a dental post to stabilise the tooth. However, the post repeatedly snapped off. I couldn’t bite anything hard and had to chop up apples in order to eat them. I couldn’t be sure if the post would remain in place when I was eating and I even had the experience of it falling out whilst giving an after-dinner speech!” Stuart became exasperated when his fourth dental post snapped off at gum level. He was living in Glastonbury at the time and contacted local implant dentist James Main. Stuart did not want a denture, which he associated with old age. James recommended placing a dental implant as the best option, both functionally and aesthetically. Dr Main removed the remainder of the tooth and replaced it with a dental implant and crown. James was brilliant, ” enthuses Stuart. “The procedure was painless, ” he adds.

Stuart says, “l can now smile and show my teeth without feeling self-conscious. The implant looks and feels no different to my own teeth. I forget that it is there most of the time. It has restored my confidence and was well worth the investment. ”

To register your place, please contact our James Main Practice on 01458 831 833.