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Special August offer: junior sports mouth guard for just £92

Special August offer: junior sports mouth guard for just £92

Does your child play a contact sport where a sports mouth guard is required?  Springside Dental Practice is running a special offer on junior sports mouth guards this August – just in time for the new school term.

Custom-made sports mouth guards are designed to protect your child’s teeth when playing high-impact contact sports like hockey, rugby or boxing.

The cost of a custom mouth guard is considerably cheaper than the cost of repairing or replacing broken teeth
(England Hockey)

England Hockey also suggests shop-bought mouth guards won’t protect your child’s teeth from the impact of a hockey ball, they can fit badly and be uncomfortable to wear.  Springside Dental Practice’s mouth guards, on the other hand, are specially designed with a hard outer shell and a flexible gum interior. Custom fitted by your dentist, our junior sports mouth guards help protect your children’s teeth and gums more fully than a shop-bought guard.

It takes about a week to produce a custom-made mouth guard.  To take advantage of this great offer before term begins, contact us today to book an appointment.