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Special offer on comprehensive dental review

Special offer on comprehensive dental review

Somerset residents who would like to improve the look, feel and function of their teeth and mouth can take advantage of a special deal offered by a Chard dental clinic. Springside Dental Practice is providing a comprehensive oral review and clinical assessment for only £49.50.

Dr Toby Gilmore explains, “The review includes a lifestyle dental consultation, where the patient’s current and future aspirations for the appearance and function of their mouth will be discussed.” The dentist will then carry out a clinical oral health examination. This will include an inspection of the condition of the patient’s teeth and any restorations, along with oral cancer screening. The teeth will be checked for signs of enamel staining, erosion and abrasion. Digital X-rays of tooth roots and bone will also be taken.

A full assessment of gum health, oral function, chewing and bite will be carried out and nutritional advice to improve the patient’s dental health will be given. Once this comprehensive review has taken place, the patient will be provided with a fully costed plan for any resultant treatment.

If anything is needed to help patients attain a perfect smile, Springside Dental Practice provides a range of cosmetic treatments including tooth whitening, short-term orthodontics, natural-coloured fillings, dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact the practice team on 01460 61671.