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Springside Dental Practice

Chard dental practice

Springside Dental Practice has been providing affordable private dental care for all the family for more than twenty years. We offer an extensive range of treatments to help you smile with confidence.

Our dedicated, experienced team enjoy working together to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for our patients. We have established strong links with local schools, providing oral health instruction to promote good hygiene at an early age.

The practice is conveniently located in the centre of Chard. We welcome patients from across the local area, including Ilminster, Crewkerne and Axminster.

Our aim is to ensure our patients attain a Comfortable Mouth with a Confident Smile treated in a Caring Environment with high quality Cost-effective Dentistry.

We offer our patients help to make informed choices about their dental care. We are committed to providing first-rate, value-for-money treatment and advice.

Comfortable mouth

Our primary goal is to make sure your mouth is comfortable and oral health issues do not affect your everyday life. We aim to ensure we treat any disease of the mouth to a high professional standard. Our hygienist will make you aware of the correct preventative routine.

Confident smile

First impressions count! Your smile is one of the first things people see when they meet you. Your teeth and gums are an integral part of your smile. A comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry and dental implant services are available at Springside Dental Practice. Our aim is to make you feel able to smile with confidence, without being concerned that your teeth and gums are preventing you from expressing your personality.

Caring environment

Our mission is to make you feel cared for as a person, particularly as far as your oral health is concerned. We want to make your contact with, and visits to, the practice a pleasant experience, where that feeling of care is reinforced. We apply rigorous attention to cross infection and carry out our work to the highest standards.

Cost-effective dentistry

We endeavour to provide the most cost-effective dentistry. A comprehensive range of dental services and procedures, including fillings, dental implants, crowns, dentures and cosmetic dentistry, is offered at a rate to suit all budgets, ensuring that you have healthy teeth and a happy smile for life.

Four-year guarantee

To demonstrate our commitment to this aim, we offer a four-year guarantee on recommended treatments, unless specifically excluded, providing you attend for regular maintenance care as requested.

Health and safety

At Springside Dental Practice we have procedures in place to ensure that our patients, visitors and staff are safe from hazards and infections. All dental practices are bound to comply with the Department of Health’s memorandum 01-05. Springside Dental Practice has invested in vacuum autoclaves and a washer/disinfector. These have been installed in a custom-fitted decontamination room. Immediately following use, instruments begin their journey through the cycle of decontamination, emerging several hours later in sealed bags ready to be used again when required. This happens to every single instrument; those that cannot be sterilised are disposed of, in accordance with carefully regulated procedures. In order to ensure that our procedures are up-to-date and sufficiently stringent at all times, we have a practice protocol which can be viewed on request.
In addition to the demontamination procedures, we have written policies and procedures governing all aspects of Health and Safety as prescribed by the HSE. Our compliance with these regulations is checked by the CQC and our inspection reports can be viewed here.