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Transform crooked teeth

Transform crooked teeth

Transform crooked teeth with invisible braces from Springside Dental Practice

Achieving your perfect smile is easier than ever before.  Our clear plastic braces are a great way to straighten your crooked teeth without resorting to unsightly, traditional metal braces.

If you live with crooked teeth, you are certainly not alone.  Crooked teeth can develop as your adult teeth appear – your teeth may simply grow in the wrong direction.  Overcrowding, losing a tooth or the development of wisdom teeth can all result in misaligned teeth.

If you feel your confidence is affected by your crooked teeth, the thought of having to endure a traditional metal brace, traditionally worn for around two years, may put you off seeking help to straighten your teeth.

Traditional metal braces can be unsightly, difficult to keep clean and restrict the type of foods you can eat.

Springside Dental Practice offers short term orthodontics which could be the perfect solution – our C-thru, clear plastic braces.  Made of lightweight plastic, they’re custom-made, fitted by our friendly and professional dental team and are virtually invisible.

Patients usually find them comfortable to wear and enjoy the fact that they can take them out quickly and easily whenever they like.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth using clear braces?

Your dentist will let you know how long it’s likely to take to treat your crooked teeth, depending on the exact positioning of your teeth.  The average treatment time to straighten crooked teeth is between six and twelve months.

Will straightening my crooked teeth hurt?

C-thru braces are known for correcting crooked teeth with minimal discomfort.  The clear braces can also be removed quickly and easily at any time.

How are clear braces fitted?

Your mouth and teeth will be carefully measured by your dentist before your custom clear brace is made.  Your clear brace will be fitted and regularly adjusted by your dentist in short, easy and pain free visits.

Will clear braces affect my speech?

No.  C-thru braces fit snugly against your teeth, and, because your palette stays clear, your speech is unlikely to be affected.

How much do clear braces cost?

Your dentist will advise you based on the extent of treatment needed.  Springside Dental Practice also offers a competitive finance package –  please call the Practice for more details on 01460 61671.

Who are clear braces suitable for?

Clear braces are suitable for adults and teenagers (assuming all adult teeth have erupted) with mild to moderate crowding or spacing problems.  They are unlikely to be suitable if you have a severe overbite or underbite, or more complex problems.

Why should I choose clear braces?

If you would love straighter teeth but don’t want to put up with traditional, metal braces, clear braces could be the solution to treat your crooked teeth.  C-thru braces are:

  • Usually quicker to treat crooked teeth than traditional braces
  • More discreet than traditional braces
  • Easier to clean and maintain good oral hygiene
  • More comfortable – and are moulded perfectly to your teeth.


To find out whether clear braces can help you achieve your perfect smile, contact Springside Dental Practice today on 01460 61671.